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I've reached Chapter 4's trial in DR.

A couple of thoughts I'm having on this chapter right now:

1. It's already made me cry. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I end up in pieces by the end of it, especially given that this was the saddest part of the game to me back when I was reading the old LP.

2. Now I'm starting to suck at BTBs. I did well on the one in Chapter 2 and was okay with the one in Chapter 3, but I definitely lost a couple of hearts on the one I just cleared. This had better not bode too badly for getting through the rest of the game... at the very least, I'll have to start making use of Fever Time instead of trying too hard to brave my way through opponents' Nega Times. Like I said before, rhythm games aren't my strong point. >>;

As for the game in general, I've been thinking again of unpopular opinions that I've had on the earlier chapters (especially Chapter 2) for quite some time. I haven't really seen the relevant topics come up in the fandom lately, though, so maybe it's a little pointless to make rants about them... for now, I'll just sum up my key grievances as "people demonising teenagers acting under emotional duress instead of bearing in mind who the real villain is" and "fans willfully missing the point of a character's entire story arc in favour of headcanons, infantilisation, and painting another character as worse than they actually are".

(While I mention teenagers, therein lies one of the big reasons why I've always thought of DR as a darker series than Ace Attorney. I'm not saying AA doesn't go to some pretty dark places in its own right, but the youngest murder victim was, what, 21? And the youngest culprit was 19, but slipped away at the time and didn't get done for anything until they were 20. In the DR games, on the other hand, all the main characters barring Hagakure are just teenagers. These are kids being made to face horrible deaths!)

Okay, back on track... I mentioned before that I was getting a bit more appreciation for Celes, didn't I? That still holds true, but ultimately, my opinion of her didn't change that much; at the end of the day, I have somewhat mixed feelings about her. Having said that, I've given some more thought to her, particularly as far as Chapter 3 goes; I don't have such a strong unpopular opinion on that chapter as I do on the first or second ones, but nonetheless, there's some things I'd eventually like to get out there on that subject.

That's all I can think to write about for now. I hope I can make it through the rest of the game without too much trouble, because as much as I really am enjoying this one, I'm already itching to start playing SDR2!
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