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It sure is great to have a cold on Christmas day! ... By which I mean it's a royal pain in the ass, of course. I hate having to blow my nose near-constantly and barely being able to breathe through my nostrils at night (after having taken relief meds, I should add). ~.~;

On the other hand, I've had nice presents like Root Letter on the Vita and a couple of Pokémon plushies today, so annoying illness aside, it hasn't been a bad holiday period at all!

As for how 2016's been for me... fandom-wise, I've fallen hard into visual novel hell (I must've bought, what, at least ten games on MangaGamer after making my first purchase from them in February?), Fire Emblem: Fates eventually came to the UK in May (I'm still not even particularly near finished with the Nohr path...), I've been on a wild ride with the Dangan Ronpa 3 anime and am currently looking forward to New Dangan Ronpa V3 coming out next year, and last but not least, Pokémon Moon's been awesome. There's a few more that I fell in and/or out of interest in, but the above are the key ones as far as I'm concerned.

ETA: Oh, there's a key fandom I forgot! To anyone who likes pixel horror games and can handle some pretty heavy subject matter, I highly recommend END ROLL!

Considering how near-silent I've been on here, if anyone has any questions regarding my fandoms and my opinions on them, just ask and I'll try and answer. :3

Date: 2016-12-25 09:23 pm (UTC)
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So assuming Conquest is the only Fates route you've played thus far...got any gameplay thoughts? Favorite ships so far? Any thoughts on Ace Attorney: Spirit of Justice?
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Yeah, Conquest's gameplay in general is a throwback to the harder eras of the GBA games and Tellius. Even playing on Phoenix mode doesn't make it a cakewalk, especially when every TURN counts for EXP and trying to defend somewhere.

All of those pairings/supports are amazing. <3 Niles/Leo became stiff competition for Niles/M!Corrin very quickly, and Laslow proves just how much he's grown up since being Inigo when he talks to Peri. And I married Niles to Azura in my latest Conquest file. GREAT supports and Shigure and Nina make cute siblings.

I only played cases 1 and 2 of AA6 so far. I fucking LOVED Bonny the moment I saw her and Betty grew on me very quickly despite being an asshole initially. I love how they totally subverted expectations but in the end they were both pretty nice girls except Betty was a tsundere.

And I LOVE how even though the villain was basically a huge bully who made a big deal of how he was going to humiliate Trucy in court, Trucy turned the situation on its head with her awesome trick.

I actually have...very negative feelings about the villain's personality, but I was quite happy with the depth and added backstory he gave to the Gramaryes! It shows the games didn't forget they existed past AA4! Plus, he had a cool leitmotif and design and I was impressed with his...epic breakdown. Deliciously theatrical!

Nayuta is pretty great like that, too. He can be a real jerk and it's obvious he hurts Apollo's feelings but he's so serene about it. Plus, the lack of I THROW THING AT YOU EVERY 5 SECONDS is refreshing. (Not that I didn't grow to love Simon and Franziska, but still.)

Case 1 was painful, though. A little kid was gonna be put to death and Gaspen Payne is still a piece of shit and my least favorite character aside from that creepy Director Hotti. I did like Rayfa, though, and how her being the kingdom's Precious Pearl was balanced out by the judge punishing her when she acted out.

I'm doing more Fates right now but soon I wanna get to case 3 and reunite with Maya. :3
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