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Guess who's finally getting a PS Vita, about eight months after wondering if she ought to do so?

Sure took me long enough! ^^;

I've ordered Dangan Ronpa 1 and 2 along with it (plus a memory card, of course -- why are those things so damn expensive for Vita?!) so soon I'll be able to play those for myself at long last. There's some other games I have in mind that I want, too... at the very least, there's Tales of Hearts R coming out next month.
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I've been following a lot of current anime series this summer. Counting the ones that are continuing on from previous seasons, they are:

*Terror in Resonance
*Tokyo Ghoul
*Free! Eternal Summer
*Captain Earth
*Space Dandy

That's seven series -- some of which I'm enjoying more than others, admittedly. And yet what have I started to do as of a few days ago?

I've added another current series to my list of things I'm watching -- namely, Monthly Shoujo Nozaki-kun!

Eight shows is an awful lot to have on my plate in one season, and that's without counting anything non-current that I'd like to be watching! ^^;
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I should get back into using this thing! I know I've said things along those lines before without them coming to anything, and there's a good chance I'll still be quiet here, but I think I should be more firm about it this time...

Let's start with a life update, shall we? It's not the happiest one, because my job ended in the middle of May. D: It's nobody's fault, as such; I didn't want to go, and my bosses didn't want me to go either, but the contract ended and the company's so small that there just wasn't enough money in the business to keep me on. So that means I'm job-hunting again. I feel like there's more out there on the job market than there was before, but still, I miss the job I had. I really enjoyed it there. ;.;

Some rather expensive things happened in the last month, too, but I'd rather not get into that in a public entry... but other than all that, I've been doing okay!

I don't know if I'll actually break the habit of leaving my poor old journal abandoned for several weeks at a time, but at least it's around for me if I need somewhere private for my thoughts on anything, which is more than can be said about a certain other blog I've been using more often... *cough cough*
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Urgh. I've got this irritating cold right now. ~.~;

My 27th birthday came and went on Tuesday; I didn't bother announcing it at the time this year because it was so uneventful, though I did get some nice happy-belated-birthdays on Tumblr when the fact did get out. I feel like I've gotten to the age where birthdays are just any other day to me, at least when they're not a major milestone...

The house has also been practically turned upside-down in the last week or so. The lounge and dining room have been decorated with new wallpaper and stuff that makes them look so much better than they did before, and the last of the new carpets will be going down tomorrow. There's been a lot of upheaval in the process, but the results have been worth it even just based on what's been done now. Besides, the old carpets were a horrible colour and felt almost like cardboard to step on with bare feet; I'm glad they're being replaced with something much nicer and softer.

On the fandom side of things, apart from my usual splurging of Utena feels on Tumblr, I should be finally getting my non-handheld games consoles unpacked soon (I kept putting it off when we first moved to the new house, and then they had to be put off a little longer anyway because of the new carpets) so I might be catching up on games and anime on that front. Also, since Dangan Ronpa has now been officially released in English, I'm wondering if I should get a PS Vita so I can actually play it for myself...
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Since I didn't make an update at Christmas time, I'd like to say that I hope everyone had a good holiday season!

2013 has been kind of a mixed bag for me. On one hand, my mum and I moved to a smaller house that has a lot of things to be sorted out, and I did indeed get a new computer a few days after my last post here since the old one was bluescreening all over the place. On the other, my fourth doggy became part of the family at the beginning of the year (I really need to do a post about my dogs at some point...) and I did finally get a paid job as well, so the year has been pretty good in that sense.

Now, back to spending the last hour or so of the year watching bizarre documentries on TV, which is also pretty much what we did at the end of 2012. Hey, it's one way to see the year out! >>;
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I think I need to get a new computer soon. =/

I shouldn't be surprised by how it's acting up now, since it is about six years old, but it's still a pretty harsh wake-up call.

I also need to look into getting an external harddrive, or at least something on which i can back up stuff that can't fit onto my USB stick.
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I'm back! :D
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After today, or after tomorrow at the very latest, I won't have internet access for a while. I'm moving house.

I'm sorry to announce this so suddenly, and so close to when it's happening to boot; it only even became a definite thing about this time last week, and I've just been feeling completely overwhelmed by it all. I know it's bad of me to have not said anything sooner, but... ah well, there's nothing I can do about that now.

Anyway, I'm expecting to be gone for a couple of weeks, give or take. I'm sure I'll miss you guys. ;.;

See you when I do! I hope this move goes okay...
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My 3DS friendcode is 1805-2497-4821, if anyone wants to add me as a buddy. :3

mikogalatea: An adorable Natu from Pokémon with a flower in its beak. ([Pokémon] Natu)
All under the cut so people who want to avoid spoilers can do so )

That's all I can think to write about right now! I might be back with more liveblogging as I progress through the game. ♥

Having said that, I think most of my liveblogging will be done on Tumblr rather than here; in fact, even this post is pretty much copypasta'd from my Tumblr. I'll be tagging all my liveblogging on that site as #gala plays pokémon y, so people are free to block that tag if they want to dodge spoilers. I'll be throwing everything under readmores either way to help.

14 weeks

Aug. 24th, 2013 09:26 pm
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Yow, yet another long gap between updates. @.@;

And where have I got to now in Fire Emblem: Awakening, since that was the last thing I talked about here? Well... embarrassingly enough, because I put it off to the side for a while, I only beat chapter 16 the other day and have only just gotten my first non-Lucina child character today! >>; And the only pairs who got married since my last shipping tally are Virion/Cherche and Olivia/Henry, though I think Maribelle/Ricken and Gregor/Panne are close to that point now.

I'm really, really, really looking forward to the new Pokémon games that are coming out in October, and nearly every single thing I hear about them is making me want them all the more. I'm planning to get the Y version, and at this point I just want it to be October 12th already! (Thank the stars for the worldwide simultaneous release!)

I would say I'd try to update more often, but knowing how I've been lately, I can't make any promises at all. D:
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Libra and me, sitting in a tree~

We just unlocked yet another paralogue!

Seriously, the number of sidestories that pop up after chapter 13 when you've paired up over half your army is... kind of overwhelming. @.@; I want to at least get Olivia married off before I have a go at any of them, which is probably just as well because I hear those things are hard.

And now for a shipping tally )

Oh, and I forgot to blog about it nearer the time I actually beat it, but chapter 10 gave me no end of feels. That music and that boss... ;.; It was excellent.
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Just cleared chapter 8!

CORDELIA. IS. AMAZING. Seriously, she's my favourite character right now, both for her personality and as a unit. It might just be because of her choice of weapon and/or because I keep pairing her with Kellam, but she kicks so much ass that it's as if the weapon triangle doesn't apply to her! She was taking on axe users like a pro in the very first chapter she appeared in! The only problem is that the RNG doesn't seem to like her as much as I do, going by her stat gains... or maybe I just happen to have an awesome Sumia. Oh, and I wanted to hug her after beating chapter 7. Poor darling.

On the shipping front, Chrom/Sumia and Sully/Stahl are now married, Virion and the Avatar have enough points to do the same (though I'm still holding out for Libra) and as has probably been suggested above, I'm doing Kellam/Cordy, who just reached A support. I've also changed my mind about Lissa/Lon'qu; now she's going with Vaike (currently B support; I was sort of leaning towards them in the first place on a might-as-well basis, but now I feel more committed to it and their supports amuse me anyway) and he's going with Miriel (I use them both a lot anyway, so it doesn't hurt to pair them; plus, their C support was cute and I can imagine Lon'qu's gynophobia being interesting to Miriel).

Next up is chapter 9, which, among other things, is where I get to recruit Libra and Tharja like I've been looking forward to doing. Vague spoilers )

I sort of said it before, but I really like Emmeryn. She has good reason to be a pacifist, she always wants to be there for her people, and I appreciate how her selflessness is both an asset and a flaw.
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I've just beaten chapter 5.

Thoughts and first impressions )

All in all, I'm enjoying it! :D
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I know it's way overdue, but I'd just like to say welcome to everyone I added thanks to the recent fandom!secrets friending meme. I'm so sorry it took so long! D:

Next post will either be about Fire Emblem: Awakening (since it finally came out in my country on Friday and I just got my copy today) or a rundown of the new anime this season that I've been watching.
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Okay, I take back one thing I've previously said about VLR -- the puzzles are harder than 999's! In fact, shameful as it is to admit it, there's even been a couple where I've had to check the answer on GameFAQs! ~.~; (To be fair, I always try as hard as I can to solve them on my own, and two out of the three puzzles I've had to look up were just a case of me having made one little mistake. The other one... could've stood to be a tiny bit clearer -- just a couple of brackets, I think -- but maybe it was just me being an idiot.)

Anyway! I've gone back to 999 and gotten the True ending, and now I've reached four proper endings in VLR. The last one I got was pretty tragic... evidently, undoing a lock doesn't necessarily mean the results are going to be happy. =/

It probably goes without saying, but I can't help comparing the two games. On one hand, I like the improvements in VLR's gameplay (yes! I can skip through scenes I'm sick of rewatching!) and I'm very much enjoying the story and characters; but on the other hand, I think 999 had better atmosphere. I've read that the creators deliberately toned down VLR's horror factor because the gruesomeness of 999 hurt its sales; that's not to say VLR isn't disturbing in its own right, and at least it's able to show dead bodies this time instead of us just seeing a load of blood splatter and disgustingly graphic text descriptions, but it doesn't have quite the same "bite" as its predecessor. I like 999's soundtrack better, too.

They're both excellent games, though! They both have intriguing storylines, interesting and likeable characters, and well-done puzzles, and I'd rate them about as highly as each other in the long run provided VLR's endgame doesn't pull anything totally obnoxious on me (not that I can really see it happening...).

Come to think of it, it says something about how much I enjoy 999 when, even though I now have the True ending and only have three bad ends left to get, I still want to do at least one more playthrough. I'll be aiming for the Submarine ending next, mainly because I'll get to see the last few puzzle rooms I still haven't done, but I could even see myself eventually getting the other two bad ends, pointless as they might be now... maybe I'm just a completionist in that sense. ^^;

Finally, on an unrelated note, Fire Emblem: Awakening now has a proper European release date! Come on, April 19th! I want that game so much I don't know what to do with myself! @.@
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If I became a Christmas cake last year, does that mean I'm a Boxing Day cake this year?


... just kidding.

moar VLR

Jan. 25th, 2013 10:01 pm
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Well, since my last post I've sort of gotten my first ending for the game -- or to be much more accurate, I've gotten a glorified game over and have bumped into a "lock" that kind of reminds me of the first ending I got in 999. Having said that, the leadup to the "lock" did have a couple of good reveals, so I can't say I'm dissatisfied with what I got.

Also, stuff happened in this route that made my fretting over a certain something last time pretty pointless. >>;

I'm going to try heading down another route before going back to 999 for its True end. I get the feeling I'm going to be very glad for the ability to jump to different plot points via the flow chart, but even so, I'm still doing the first puzzle room again because I want those bloody files.
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I just got this game the other day, and I'm enjoying it so far. :3

At first I thought the puzzles had spiked up in difficulty somewhat from Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors, but then I screwed my brain on and realised that wasn't the case. ^^; (I always liked the difficulty levels for 999's puzzles; hard enough that you actually have to think, but never to the point of GUIDE DANGIT.) I haven't been able to get any gold or silver files yet, but then again, I haven't gotten the True ending in 999, so if the files have great big spoilers for the previous game then it's probably for the best.

I might go back to 999 for its True ending after I beat my first playthrough of VLR; it depends on what kind of ending I get in this game. Of course, I'm not really expecting the most wonderful of endings, especially given that there's supposed to be 24 of the buggers...

And now for my current dilemma.

Vague spoilers for... let's say the second set of Chromatic Doors )

Decisions, decisions...
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Meme nicked from [personal profile] shamanicshaymin:

Give me a fandom and I'll give you five characters I like and five I don't.

Fire away~
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I'm really looking forward to Fire Emblem: Awakening. :3

I know it comes out next month in North America, but the European release isn't til at least April. Still, I've been eyeballing gameplay videos on Youtube and (mostly) nonspoilery info on websites in anticipation. I think I might have fun customising my self-insert Avatar. ^^; I wonder who I'd end up shipping her with, and which characters I'd pair up beside that?

While I've heard some pretty mixed feelings (to say the least...) about certain aspects of the game, that's not stopping me from wanting it! I don't even care if I'm crap at FE games! Come on, April!
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Aw, bless, this is only the 21st post I've made on DW! This year that's just about to end might just win the award for least posts I've made on an online journal since I started keeping things like this. >>;

I largely blame Tumblr for my lack of journal presence (partly because it feels easier to make random quickfire posts there, partly because the damn site's impossible to catch up with if I go for more than about half a day without checking it) but I guess it hasn't really helped that I've mainly been using my fandom list to keep track of fandom-related things, instead of making actual posts going "yeah, I've got to such-and-such a point in whatever I'm reading/watching/playing, have some feels". Maybe I should get back into that habit...

Ah well. At least I have working internet access for this new year, which is more than I can say for last year! ^^;


Dec. 7th, 2012 11:23 pm
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Because I couldn't go any longer without a Hinako icon, especially now that the game's getting an anime. She's such an absolute BAMF. ♥


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