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So, there's been news about the latest installments in the Dangan Ronpa franchise! Both a new anime project that's set to conclude the story from the previous games, and a new game that's supposed to have a completely new cast and setting! Check out some PVs on the teaser site.

It's exciting stuff, but it's also reminded me that... although I've had Another Episode since the day it came out over here, I haven't played very much of it so far, and I feel bad about that. =/

It's not that I don't like the game -- I do, honestly. I think the big obstacle to me playing it too much is that there haven't been very many save points, so I've usually had to play for fairly long stretches at a time. Maybe I'm just spoiled rotten by how the first two games let me save pretty much whenever I want, but when I couple the lack of save points with the fact that I'm not very good at third-person shooters, it feels kind of mean.

I also seem to have had rotten luck with random drops. I've spent a lot of time running around with only one heart of health -- in fact, I think that's the state I was in last time I saved -- and I've nearly died a couple of times already (and have died once, but that was due to my own stupidity more than anything else; I misjudged where one Monokuma was throwing grenades, and poor Komaru ended up going boom for it). There's also the fact that even the standard Monokuma take about 3-4 bullets to kill if you're not aiming at their red eye, and while I've figured out a more efficient strategy since I got access to Dance bullets, it's not exactly nice to worry about not having enough ammo to save my own ass in a given situation.

I kind of wish I'd picked Genocide mode now. I went for the normal difficulty level because that's what I chose for the previous games and I didn't want to feel like a cheapskate, but... ah well. Genocider's so much fun to play as, though! And at least I've been doing well with the puzzles so far.

Moving away from the gameplay now to talk about characters and stuff... Spoilers for much of chapter 1; also some vague references to later revelations )

Not sure what else I can say for now. I know that as far as my current progress in the game goes, I've just come out of the hospital for the second time after having been sent on something of a wild goose chase... I'll have to see how I do from that point on.


Oct. 31st, 2014 11:35 pm
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I've beaten DR! \o/

Man were the last couple of action segments stressful to play, even though I knew full well what I needed to do. Still, it was immensely satisfying to get through them, and the theme music kicking in when it did was badass.

Now that the main game's been cleared, I've dipped my toes into the School Mode that's just been unlocked. The intro was a good laugh, and it's so nice to see the whole cast again. ♥ (Feels kind of weird to see certain characters who died very early on, though... not that I'm complaining.) Haven't progressed beyond Monokuma's tutorial task yet, mind you.

I'll have to see how much poking around I do in School Mode before I move on to SDR2. I know I've said in my last couple of entries that I wanted to get my teeth in that game as soon as I could, but I feel a bit bad about it, y'know? Admittedly, I do like SDR2's cast better, but that doesn't mean I'm knocking on the first game or its cast by any means. =/ In that case, I think I'll play with DR's characters some more, now that I can more-or-less get FTEs at my own leisure. I didn't manage to fill out anyone's report card except for Chihiro's in the game proper anyway, so I'd like to do more of that sort of thing. Can't hurt to get a few more trophies!
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I've reached Chapter 4's trial in DR.

A couple of thoughts I'm having on this chapter right now:

1. It's already made me cry. I wouldn't be at all surprised if I end up in pieces by the end of it, especially given that this was the saddest part of the game to me back when I was reading the old LP.

2. Now I'm starting to suck at BTBs. I did well on the one in Chapter 2 and was okay with the one in Chapter 3, but I definitely lost a couple of hearts on the one I just cleared. This had better not bode too badly for getting through the rest of the game... at the very least, I'll have to start making use of Fever Time instead of trying too hard to brave my way through opponents' Nega Times. Like I said before, rhythm games aren't my strong point. >>;

As for the game in general, I've been thinking again of unpopular opinions that I've had on the earlier chapters (especially Chapter 2) for quite some time. I haven't really seen the relevant topics come up in the fandom lately, though, so maybe it's a little pointless to make rants about them... for now, I'll just sum up my key grievances as "people demonising teenagers acting under emotional duress instead of bearing in mind who the real villain is" and "fans willfully missing the point of a character's entire story arc in favour of headcanons, infantilisation, and painting another character as worse than they actually are".

(While I mention teenagers, therein lies one of the big reasons why I've always thought of DR as a darker series than Ace Attorney. I'm not saying AA doesn't go to some pretty dark places in its own right, but the youngest murder victim was, what, 21? And the youngest culprit was 19, but slipped away at the time and didn't get done for anything until they were 20. In the DR games, on the other hand, all the main characters barring Hagakure are just teenagers. These are kids being made to face horrible deaths!)

Okay, back on track... I mentioned before that I was getting a bit more appreciation for Celes, didn't I? That still holds true, but ultimately, my opinion of her didn't change that much; at the end of the day, I have somewhat mixed feelings about her. Having said that, I've given some more thought to her, particularly as far as Chapter 3 goes; I don't have such a strong unpopular opinion on that chapter as I do on the first or second ones, but nonetheless, there's some things I'd eventually like to get out there on that subject.

That's all I can think to write about for now. I hope I can make it through the rest of the game without too much trouble, because as much as I really am enjoying this one, I'm already itching to start playing SDR2!


Oct. 13th, 2014 10:00 pm
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I've been happily playing on the Vita since I got it the other day, and I'm now on the second chapter of actually playing Dangan Ronpa! (By which I mean the first game, of course; as much as I'd love to get my teeth into SDR2 as soon as I can, I feel like I should at least beat the original first.)

Man... I'd read the entire LP thread on Something Awful before, so I know full well what to expect from the whole first game... and yet events in Chapter 1 still had me tearing up. ;.; If that's how things are going to be, then I'm betting that Chapter 4 will destroy me when I get to that point.

Wibbly feelings aside, it is nice to actually be playing this thing for myself -- having crisp graphics on my screen, talking to the characters and hearing their voices, running around in the academy and looking at things in the hope of finding coins for the Monomono Machine, you name it. I did pretty well on the first trial, even if I felt like kicking myself at one point when I got a panel wrong on the closing statement; that said, I'm willing to bet they'll get quite a bit harder from here on out. I'm especially not looking forward to later BTBs... I was sort of dreading the very first one, given that rhythm games aren't really my strong point, but that wasn't as bad as I thought it would be (although was that just because I'm playing on medium difficulty and I had the Melodious Voice skill equipped?).

As for characters, so far my love for Chihiro has been thoroughly reaffirmed, as has my liking for Makoto (more specifically, the way he doesn't lose sight of who the real enemy is). Most of my other favourites are ones who show their best colours to me either later on or in Free Time events, but in the meantime, there are characters like Celes that I'm coming to have a little more appreciation for now than I did when I was first reading the LP. I'll have to see if my opinions change on anybody...

Speaking of Free Time events, I actually have a question about them: is there an invisible affection point counter, so to speak, where you need a certain number of points to be able to access characters' FTEs? I ask this because I just tried spending time with a particular character (whom I already got their first FTE with in Chapter 1) but after I gave them a present that they seemed to like just fine, Makoto just went straight back to his room without any further conversation with them. Did I do something wrong there? Did I just not get enough invisible points then, or did I just pick a bad time to try hanging out with Chihiro? =/
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Today, I've woken up to the news that Arata Kangatari, Devil Survivor 2, and Dangan Ronpa are all getting TV anime adaptations next year.


I definitely never saw a DeSu 2 anime coming; I'm pretty excited about that! (As long as they don't completely fuck it up, of course.) The Arata news pleases me too, though in that case, I'd more-or-less expected that it would get an anime at one point or another. And while I haven't checked out so much as an LP of Dangan Ronpa (never mind playing it) I'm intrigued by that as well, based on what little I do know about the game.

Can't say there won't be any new shows to check out in 2013, then!


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