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Today, I've woken up to the news that Arata Kangatari, Devil Survivor 2, and Dangan Ronpa are all getting TV anime adaptations next year.


I definitely never saw a DeSu 2 anime coming; I'm pretty excited about that! (As long as they don't completely fuck it up, of course.) The Arata news pleases me too, though in that case, I'd more-or-less expected that it would get an anime at one point or another. And while I haven't checked out so much as an LP of Dangan Ronpa (never mind playing it) I'm intrigued by that as well, based on what little I do know about the game.

Can't say there won't be any new shows to check out in 2013, then!
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Been playing more Devil Survivor 2, though I did take a break from it for a little while. Anyway, I've just beaten Merak! It's kind of the reason I took a break in the first place, since I was trying to work out how best to go about beating it, but I've done it now~. I wish I'd handled certain aspects better (first I overestimated the width of its ice laser attack, then I rather stupidly forgot about the attack itself at a time when I shoudln't have done...) but hey, it's over and done with.

Now I'm on the beginning of Day 3, and... well, I'm being pissed off at Ghost Q. I know his battle is optional, and of course I know better than to expect anything in an Atlus game to be a walk in the park, but still! Damn his ability to attack twice every time! Damn his tendency to poison my entire party! And damn all his annoying minions that insist on trying to gang up on my poor lonely MC! Grr, grr, grr!

I'll try fusing up some better demons and see how far that takes me, because I've got enough pride that I don't want to give up without trying. Still, if it proves to be too much, I know I can truly say "Fu-Q" to him and get on with the actual game...

I also just wanna say that I love Hinako. Okay, so maybe she's not the best party member to take into battle (unless she gets better with more levels) but I don't care - personality-wise, she's an absolute BAMF. I just wish there were DeSu 2 icons floating around; I don't think I've even seen any, which is a real pity, because I want a Hinako~. D:
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Man, this game's already just as disturbing as the previous installment, if not even more so. People die horribly - and I've only just cleared the second battle! :O
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I got Devil Survivor 2 in the mail today. I feel like it's restored my faith in Play-Asia somewhat, because the last thing I ordered from them before (which was well over a year ago) took seven weeks to show up after dispatch, but this game only took a little over a fortnight. Hmm.

Anyway, I've only played about half an hour so far, and I'm barely past the very first battle, but I'm enjoying it. Still, it's already been rather brutal in terms of horrible things happening; there's definitely something to be said about the first battle taking place by the wreckage of a crashed train with bloodstained corpses scattered around. I was honestly surprised when I doublechecked the game's original Japanese release date and found that it came out four months after last year's tragedy, because that's all I could think of when I saw certain scenes. Disquieting, to say the least...

Sadness aside, I'll keep on playing, even if I do feel a bit naughty about it since I still haven't actually beaten DeSu 1. (I think I was trying to work out how best to go about beating Belial in that game...)


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