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Am I the only European Fire Emblem fan anticipating Fates's English release who doesn't feel like throwing a tantrum over the fact we don't have a confirmed release date for our part of the world yet?

... more than likely not, but it sure feels that way when I keep seeing whiny posts about it in the tags on Tumblr. Good God, guys, lose the sense of entitlement already! It's a sad fact of life that we Europeans tend to get games later than North Americans -- one that I've been used to for over 20 years of being a gamer now -- and the gaps between releases aren't even usually as wide now as they used to be in the past! Besides, while I can't claim to know much of anything about the localisation process, I'm fairly sure it takes a bit of time to translate games into French, Spanish, German and whatnot for the European market; it's not just for Brits like myself.

Also, if the release pattern for Fates is anything like Awakening's, I don't think we'll be getting the game that much later than America. Awakening's dates were February 4th for America and April 19th for Europe (the latter of which happens to be exactly one year after the original Japanese release). That's only about two months later for us. Therefore, if Fates's American release date is February 19th, I'm going to make a guess that the European date will be around late April, give or take -- hardly "a ton of months later" like some people on Tumblr like to claim.

Whenever it does come out here, at least I'm going to be patient in the meantime.
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I thought I'd play Path of Radiance for the first time in several years in the hopes that I could finally make some progress (especially since it's the only FE game I have, not counting Radiant Dawn, that I haven't made recent progress in) but then I wound up dooming Kieran to an inevitable death on the second turn. How frustrating!

Part of it was down to bad luck, since Kieran missed with the hammer when trying to kill the enemy knight, but it's still mostly my own fault for putting him in range of the nearby cavalier in the first place. Sorry, Kieran.

Marcia got a level-up without gaining any stats anyway, so it wasn't such a huge loss that I messed up this time. At least the screw-up happened early in the map and not after I was over halfway through it, unlike that one time way back when...

(This is chapter 11, by the way.)
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Yes! Finally! I have all the kid characters in Awakening now!

It's only taken, what... almost two-and-a-half years since I originally got the game? How embarrassing! Still not as embarrassing as having games that are still unfinished after over a decade, though. >>;
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Another Awakening father-and-kid combination I like: Kellam and Severa. I've already got some cute ideas for headcanons in my mind, though I'd rather see their Future Past conversation first to make sure they aren't gonna be jossed before I might share them...

Severa's chapter wasn't nearly as hard as I've seen people make it out to be. Maybe they just think it's hard by Awakening's standards, and/or they're assuming players are going to come into it with considerably weaker units than I had at the time? (Most of my main peeps are around lv14-15 post-promotion; 'tis what happens when I grind them for the best skills before picking up the kids.) All I really did was send some characters ahead of Severa to clear the way for her... I had her take out the boss, too. That was a little bit of a gamble, as he had a 14% chance of critting her and I don't like fucking around too much with enemies who are remotely likely to crit me, but Noire helped out and killed him before he could even think of hitting back. :3

Both Severa's conversation with Holland mid-chapter and her conversation with Cordelia after finishing made me tear up a little. I know she's a polarising character, but I think I like her! I also liked her C support with Noire. Wouldn't be surprised if I end up shipping it!

Next stop: Laurent.

I've also cleared chapter 12 of Sacred Stones. I notice that it takes me a lot longer to finish chapters in that game than in Awakening. Is it because Awakening's a much easier game, or just because its gameplay is more streamlined, or both...?
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Just cleared chapter 11 on Sacred Stones. Looks like I'm on a bit of a roll! And for a fog map, it actually wasn't too bad.

Chapter 12 is booting me straight into battle preparations without letting me go to the world map, but I expected it might do that, so I made sure to top up my characters' weapons and so on beforehand. The map looks doable enough, and if I'm being made to take the new prepromote, I'm sure I can get some good, efficient use out of him without him necessarily usurping my regular units. (Pretty handy that sages in this game can use anima and light magic and staves!) At first glance I got sad that L'Arachel doesn't start with a high enough rank in staves to use Restore in case anyone gets poisoned, but if Saleh starts with a C rank there, I can give him Restore and still use L'Ara as my main healer! :3

Man, I've missed this game. On some levels I wish I'd made a lot more progress back in the day, but on the other hand, I'm having fun playing it now and I'm probably making smarter tactical decisions than I might've done in the past. One particularly satisfying moment from the chapter I just cleared was luring some of the southeastern enemies up the narrow path outside so Lute could pick off the Deathgoyle from over the wall. I love being able to use the map design to my advantage, and when every unit I bring to a chapter gets to make an important contribution; those are things that I think I appreciate a lot more in the GBA games, somehow.
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When I'm not-so-patiently waiting for a game to be released in my country, what's a good thing to do in the meantime? Play previous games in the series, of course! And that's exactly what I've been doing on-and-off with Fire Emblem lately.

In Awakening, I've got up to chapter 21 and have been picking up the second-gen characters here and there. Just six left to go now -- Severa, Laurent, Cynthia, Kjelle, Gerome and Morgan -- and my plan is to get Severa next as she's one of the ones I want most. I've heard that her chapter is quite irritating to do, but I'll have to try playing it for myself before I can judge... mind you, I took on both mercenary groups when doing Yarne's chapter and managed to come out of that okay (even if it got a bit hairy at times with so many enemies) and I know for a fact that Severa's chapter doesn't suddenly stick another big bunch of jerks on the map as soon as the battle starts, so even with the escort mission aspect, surely it can't be that much harder?

... I'm probably underestimating it now, aren't I? ^^;

Oh, and have I mentioned that I love Noire? Because I love Noire. She was immediately useful as soon as I got control of her in her chapter, and maybe this is just because her parents are key powerhouses in my usual team, but she's turned into a little goddess of destruction as I've leveled her up. ♥ Also, I've found that I really like Gaius as her dad, in between him offering her a candy wrapper to blow her nose on in their C support and Noire trying to make sweets in her C support with Owain. So what if his orange hair doesn't necessarily suit her?

Aaaand on a parting note with the kids, Olivia and Inigo have the cutest mother-and-son relationship I've seen in the game. ♥

Awakening isn't the only FE game I've been playing, though! Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones as well -- cut for length )

I'm tired now... about time I went to bed. I can sure write a lot of words late at night when I want to. >>;
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Breathing a bit of life into this thing with a GIP, because Fire Emblem had its trading card game rebooted a few days ago and Virion's art on one of the cards was too pretty to resist. ♥ Part of me still wishes I married my Avatar to him instead of holding out for Libra. They had surprisingly good chemistry, damn it! Never mind, though; there's always another playthrough.

Speaking of FE, the latest game in the series came out in Japan a few days ago as well! I want it so bad~. I don't know how well I can manage holding out for its Western release next year, because it all looks so exciting. D: (And yes, I have been spoiling myself like crazy.)

Too bad the fandom's been such a pain in the ass over it. Some complaints have been perfectly legitimate, but half the time I've just felt like smacking people in the Tumblr tags. I'm obviously no stranger to obnoxious fandoms, but I swear, FE fandom takes the cake for being downright unpleasable. ~.~;

I'm amused by how the salt seems to have given way to a lot more thirst now, though; the tags have had less bitching and more fawning over husbandos and waifus since all the character models were ripped from skinship mode. I have no idea how much I'd actually use that feature when I get the game for myself; I loved Pokémon Amie to pieces, but I think I might feel too embarrassed petting human characters! On the other hand, I have to ask myself: if Awakening had a skinship mode, would I be petting my favourite characters there already? ^^;

Oh, and as for which campaign I'd play first? I was leaning more towards Hoshido for a long time pre-release, but certain things seem to have made me defect to Team Nohr now.

14 weeks

Aug. 24th, 2013 09:26 pm
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Yow, yet another long gap between updates. @.@;

And where have I got to now in Fire Emblem: Awakening, since that was the last thing I talked about here? Well... embarrassingly enough, because I put it off to the side for a while, I only beat chapter 16 the other day and have only just gotten my first non-Lucina child character today! >>; And the only pairs who got married since my last shipping tally are Virion/Cherche and Olivia/Henry, though I think Maribelle/Ricken and Gregor/Panne are close to that point now.

I'm really, really, really looking forward to the new Pokémon games that are coming out in October, and nearly every single thing I hear about them is making me want them all the more. I'm planning to get the Y version, and at this point I just want it to be October 12th already! (Thank the stars for the worldwide simultaneous release!)

I would say I'd try to update more often, but knowing how I've been lately, I can't make any promises at all. D:
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Libra and me, sitting in a tree~

We just unlocked yet another paralogue!

Seriously, the number of sidestories that pop up after chapter 13 when you've paired up over half your army is... kind of overwhelming. @.@; I want to at least get Olivia married off before I have a go at any of them, which is probably just as well because I hear those things are hard.

And now for a shipping tally )

Oh, and I forgot to blog about it nearer the time I actually beat it, but chapter 10 gave me no end of feels. That music and that boss... ;.; It was excellent.
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Just cleared chapter 8!

CORDELIA. IS. AMAZING. Seriously, she's my favourite character right now, both for her personality and as a unit. It might just be because of her choice of weapon and/or because I keep pairing her with Kellam, but she kicks so much ass that it's as if the weapon triangle doesn't apply to her! She was taking on axe users like a pro in the very first chapter she appeared in! The only problem is that the RNG doesn't seem to like her as much as I do, going by her stat gains... or maybe I just happen to have an awesome Sumia. Oh, and I wanted to hug her after beating chapter 7. Poor darling.

On the shipping front, Chrom/Sumia and Sully/Stahl are now married, Virion and the Avatar have enough points to do the same (though I'm still holding out for Libra) and as has probably been suggested above, I'm doing Kellam/Cordy, who just reached A support. I've also changed my mind about Lissa/Lon'qu; now she's going with Vaike (currently B support; I was sort of leaning towards them in the first place on a might-as-well basis, but now I feel more committed to it and their supports amuse me anyway) and he's going with Miriel (I use them both a lot anyway, so it doesn't hurt to pair them; plus, their C support was cute and I can imagine Lon'qu's gynophobia being interesting to Miriel).

Next up is chapter 9, which, among other things, is where I get to recruit Libra and Tharja like I've been looking forward to doing. Vague spoilers )

I sort of said it before, but I really like Emmeryn. She has good reason to be a pacifist, she always wants to be there for her people, and I appreciate how her selflessness is both an asset and a flaw.
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I've just beaten chapter 5.

Thoughts and first impressions )

All in all, I'm enjoying it! :D
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I'm really looking forward to Fire Emblem: Awakening. :3

I know it comes out next month in North America, but the European release isn't til at least April. Still, I've been eyeballing gameplay videos on Youtube and (mostly) nonspoilery info on websites in anticipation. I think I might have fun customising my self-insert Avatar. ^^; I wonder who I'd end up shipping her with, and which characters I'd pair up beside that?

While I've heard some pretty mixed feelings (to say the least...) about certain aspects of the game, that's not stopping me from wanting it! I don't even care if I'm crap at FE games! Come on, April!
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New trailer for Fire Emblem: Awakening, which will be released in Japan on April 19th:

It looks so coooool. *.*


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