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First up, a belated welcome to the people I added from the fandom!secrets friending meme! \o/ As you may or may not have noticed, I've been pretty lax about keeping my journal up to date; whether or not it's down to DW still being a rather quiet site or just a sheer lack of motivation on my part, I'm not really sure...

I'm really, really into Utena right now. I like just about all the characters everyone else hates, so evidently I'm a massive trainwreck of unpopular opinions waiting to happen.

Apart from that~, I got some Madoka Magica figmas in the mail the other day! Specifically, I got Mami and Homura; those things are dear enough that I might as well just get my favourite characters, though I do love all five main magical girls... anyway, I'm really pleased with 'em! It's not even that hard to swap equipment and body parts around as I like - well, except for when I managed to split the top of my left thumb swapping Homura's arm so she could have her shield. Ouch. Still, it was nowhere near as hard as that one randomised Nenderoid Petite figure I got a few years ago; I remember spending about an hour struggling to attach that thing's arm, and even now I'm afraid to touch her in case that arm falls off and I have to go through it all again! You can tell I'm totally unpractised with these kinds of figures.

Wonder when I'll next update... >>;


Mar. 31st, 2012 10:53 pm
mikogalatea: Mami from Madoka Magica, brushing one of her pigtails back and sporting her trademark small smile. ([MadoMagi] Mami-san)
Madoka Magica has been licensed for a UK release! I have no words to express how freaking happy this makes me!!


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