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Wargh, I'm kind of lost in Cuss High's air raid shelter. @.@; I have been looking between damage tiles and swinging the camera round looking for holes in the walls, but I still haven't the foggiest where the exit is...

I'm sure I'm just being dense and overlooking something obvious, because it's too early in the game for any kind of plot-halting Guide Dangit. Maybe I should try searching the little dark paths linking the holes in the wall to where you find treasure chests? Hmm.

It's a good game, though! Demon negotiations can be a pain (it's so easy to piss them off, though at least it's a bit easier to have things go your way than in Strange Journey) and the loading times are annoying when I don't have a big enough memory stick to do a data install, but I like all the characters, the music's cool, and I always appreciate a game where you can save pretty much anywhere you like. Plus, there's no huge emphasis on time management that put me off playing too far in P3. >>; (Not meaning to knock P3 at all, by the way; I liked what I played of it, but with all the social links and Elizabeth's sidequests and not letting party members get too tired in Tartarus and whatnot, there's so much to keep track of!)


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