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Another Awakening father-and-kid combination I like: Kellam and Severa. I've already got some cute ideas for headcanons in my mind, though I'd rather see their Future Past conversation first to make sure they aren't gonna be jossed before I might share them...

Severa's chapter wasn't nearly as hard as I've seen people make it out to be. Maybe they just think it's hard by Awakening's standards, and/or they're assuming players are going to come into it with considerably weaker units than I had at the time? (Most of my main peeps are around lv14-15 post-promotion; 'tis what happens when I grind them for the best skills before picking up the kids.) All I really did was send some characters ahead of Severa to clear the way for her... I had her take out the boss, too. That was a little bit of a gamble, as he had a 14% chance of critting her and I don't like fucking around too much with enemies who are remotely likely to crit me, but Noire helped out and killed him before he could even think of hitting back. :3

Both Severa's conversation with Holland mid-chapter and her conversation with Cordelia after finishing made me tear up a little. I know she's a polarising character, but I think I like her! I also liked her C support with Noire. Wouldn't be surprised if I end up shipping it!

Next stop: Laurent.

I've also cleared chapter 12 of Sacred Stones. I notice that it takes me a lot longer to finish chapters in that game than in Awakening. Is it because Awakening's a much easier game, or just because its gameplay is more streamlined, or both...?

Date: 2015-10-06 06:25 pm (UTC)
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Kellam is easily one of my favorite dads for Severa. <3 And YES to Severa/Noire. I ship Severa with a lot of girls but Noire is my favorite for her.

And yay Laurent! :D You remember you've gotta visit the village with Miriel, right? (Or Chrom, but I only use Chrom to pick up Lucina's sibling and occasionally Owain. :P)

Date: 2015-10-06 10:22 pm (UTC)
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fgyudhgfhksghfhuidgjoflkg I KNOW ISN'T IT THE SWEETEST <333333 Severa right-out says she can't deal with picking on Noire because it's like kicking a puppy and Noire wants to be stronger but she feels so safe with Severa she ends up slipping into her old helplessness.

Awesome! (I do wonder why it wasn't Lucina who was the other default recruiter for the kids...I know Chrom's the main guy, but beyond Owain and his non-Lucina kid it doesn't make much sense? Ah, well.)

<3 Nice. And yeah, reinforcements usually tend to give more EXP. Yay for Severa the hero!


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