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Gotta keep one of these somewhere -- a comprehensive list of my fandom preferences! It'll be updated every now and then as I get into new fandoms, fall out of old ones or what-have-you.

Canons I'm particularly big on are covered first, while my more minor ones (or those that I simply haven't seen/read/played in a long time) get listed off more briefly near the end of each section.

Favourite characters and ships are listed in roughly descending order, with my very favourites in italics where applicable. As far as ships go, I differentiate between romantic pairings with a forward slash (/), primarily onesided ships with an arrow (->), and those I favour as platonic deals with a plus sign (+).



Characters: Sakaki, Yomi.
Ships: Sakaki/Kaorin, Tomo/Yomi, Yukari/Nyamo.
Notes: Seen all the anime, have read the manga omnibus.

Characters: Anko, Chizu, Ushiro.
Ships: Kirie->Chizu, Ushiro/Machi, Maki+Komo.
Notes: Read all the manga; unlikely to ever watch the anime version, although I do love the OP song.

Characters: Gren, Faye, Jet, Julia.
Ships: Gren->Vicious, Spike/Julia, Gren+Faye, Jet/Faye.
Notes: This one's an old favourite of mine, and a more recent rewatch via the "remix" edition has shown me that it's still up there. ♥ Besides the anime and movie, I also own all the manga -- both the "canon" stuff and Shooting Star.

Characters: Tohru, Kyouko, Kagura, Yuki, Ayame, Rin, Ritsu.
Ships: Surprisingly, none in particular.
Notes: The anime is an old favourite of mine, but oddly enough, it took me a heck of a lot longer to finish reading the manga; in fact I didn't get around to collecting most of the later manga volumes until well after TokyoPop went kaput.

Characters: Nakago (without leather pants, thank you), Nuriko, Soi, Tomo.
Ships: Hotohori/Houki, Tomo/Nakago/Soi, Ren/Miisu, Tatara/Suzuno.
Notes: Read all the original manga (but haven't seen the anime, unlike most people), checked out translations/summaries of most of the light novels a long time ago, and I've read all of Genbu Kaiden.

Characters: Tieria, Feldt, Sumeragi, Neil!Lockon, Trinity siblings, Kinue, Hilling.
Ships: Neil/Tieria, Ribbons/Hilling, Tieria/Feldt, Kati/Patrick, Michael/Nena (sort of).
Notes: Watched both seasons, and... let's just say I enjoyed the first season a lot more. I can't see myself ever watching the movie.

Characters: Lacus, Murrue, Meer, Stellar, Athrun, Fllay.
Ships: Kira/Lacus, Kira/Athrun, Shinn/Stellar.
Notes: Watched both series in their entirety. I do not hate Destiny, despite all its problems.

Characters: Rena, Satoko, Shion, Takano.
Ships: None especially.
Notes: Seen both anime seasons plus Rei; have also read the entire manga, including the spinoff Demon Exposing Arc. Haven't played any of the original sound novels.

Characters: Rosemariné, Jules, Patricia, Gilbert, Pascal, Serge.
Ships: Jules/Gilbert, Jules/Rosemariné, Serge/Gilbert, Serge+Rosemariné.
Notes: Read up to the end of volume 7 with scanlations; have also checked out raws of most of the later volumes, along with text translations where available. If there's one series that makes me wish I could somehow instantly gain perfect Japanese-reading skills, this is it.

Characters: Shiina, Norio, Akira, Hiroko, Satomi.
Ships: Bungo/Satomi, Norio->Takeo, Shiina+Akira, Hiroko->Shiina.
Notes: Read all the manga, seen all the anime. Since it's a semi-obscure series with *ahem* offputting canon content, I practically bounce up and down when I see other fans. >> Incidentally, the only reason I sometimes spell it with a capital T is so no one confuses it with Naruto (which I don't like at all, before anyone asks).

Characters: Homura, Mami, Kyouko, Sayaka, Madoka.
Ships: Kyouko/Sayaka, Homura/Madoka, Oriko/Kirika (sorta).
Notes: Seen the whole series; haven't watched Rebellion yet, but I intend to do so eventually. Out of the ten bazillion manga spinoffs, I've read all of the straight-up adaptation (which I felt was completely inferior to the show), much of Oriko (including the extra volume and the first two volumes of sadness prayer), all of Kazumi, all of ~the different story~, up to volume 3 of Tart, and all of Suzune.

Characters: Shiori (*dodges tomatoes*), Anthy, Wakaba, Nanami, Touga (without leather pants), Juri, Miki... to be honest, I show some degree of interest in just about everyone except Ruka and Akio. I just happen to go for some of the most controversial characters.
Ships: Juri/Shiori (trainwreck and all...), Anthy/Utena, Nanami+Tsuwabuki, Touga/Saionji, Utena+Wakaba, Juri+Miki, Saionji/Nanami, slight interest in Miki/Tsuwabuki. I'll also give a mention to Utena/Touga only as portrayed in the movie and movie-manga, though I don't exactly ship it so much as I like the role the relationship plays in those versions. And my ultimate guilty pleasure is Touga/Miki. *shot*
Notes: It is both very sad and very embarrassing that I didn't get to actually watch the anime series until 2012; I wish it'd been in my life a lot earlier! ^^; Besides that, I adore the movie and movie-manga, have read all of the first manga (which I'm not nearly as fond of, although I don't think it's without its merits and it was technically my very first exposure to Utena) and fan translations for the light novels, and I've done a bit of homework on the video game. Evidently, I'm a huge fan.

Characters: Matsuka, anime!Shiroe.
Ships: Keith/Matsuka, Tony/Artella, Keith/Shiroe, Alfred/Physis (slightly).
Notes: Read the manga in its entirety first, then watched the whole anime series -- which I think is a marvellous adaptation, though I feel that both versions have their merits. Haven't seen the movie.

Characters: Kotori, Yuzuriha, Hokuto, Kakyou, Satsuki.
Ships: Hokuto/Kakyou, Yuuto/Kanoe/Satsuki, Kamui/Kotori, Kamui+Subaru.
Notes: Read all the TB manga. As for X, I've read all of the omnibus releases of the manga, have seen up to ep 8 of the anime series, and I saw the movie (my first exposure to it) way back when I was about 15. I still think X has some of the most beautiful artwork I've ever seen in manga.

*Akuma no Riddle (all anime, up to manga volume 4; Haru/Tokaku, Chiharu/Hitsugi, Sumireko/Banba)
*Angel Beats! (all anime; Yuri, Naoi; Otonashi/Naoi, Yuri/Kanade, Otonashi/Kanade)
*Attack on Titan (up to manga volume 21, seen most of the anime; Armin, Hange, Sasha, Mikasa, Jean; Ymir/Krista, Armin+Eren+Mikasa, Jean/Marco to a degree)
*Bokura no Hentai (up to volume 7; Parou, Marika, Akane)
*Code Geass (both anime seasons; Cornelia, Euphemia, Nina, Rolo; Ougi/Viletta, Rolo->Lelouch, Nina->Euphemia)
*Gundam Wing (most of series plus Endless Waltz, oldie, want to rewatch eventually)
*Kiddy Grade (all original anime, would like to rewatch eventually; Éclair; Éclair/Lumière)
*Loveless (up to manga volume 12; Yamato/Kouya, Nagisa->Ritsu, Tokino/Mikado, Soubi+Yuiko as a sibling-like deal)
*Mai HiME (all original anime; Midori, Shizuru, Nao, Natsuki; Akira/Takumi, Haruka/Yukino, Shizuru/Natsuki)
*Mirai Nikki (up to manga volume 10, hoping in vain for a proper licence rescue; Yuno/Yukiteru/Akise, Mao/Hinata)
*My Hero Academia (up to manga volume 8, seen all the anime; Mei, Tsuyu; Bakugo/Kirishima, Midoriya+Ida+Uraraka)
*Neon Genesis Evangelion (all anime series, End of Eva, all manga, first two Rebuild movies; Toji/Hikari, Shinji/Kaworu, Maya->Ritsuko)
*Oniisama e... (all anime, all manga; Mariko, Rei; Mariko/Nanako, Rei/Nanako, Rei+Kaoru)
*Outlaw Star (whole anime, oldie, want to rewatch; Melfina, Fred; Harry->Melfina way back when I was a dumb teenager)
*Pandora Hearts (all manga, all three Caucus Race novels; Leo/Elliot, Oz/Gilbert, Vincent/Ada)
*Please Save My Earth (whole manga; Haruhiko, Mokuren, Alice, Issei, Sakura)
*Re:CREATORS (all anime; Mamika, Meteora, Setsuna, Selesia; Altair/Setsuna, Mamika/Alicetaria, Sota/Setsuna)
*RG Veda (first volume of Dark Horse's omnibus release; Kendappa, Karura, Souma; Kendappa/Souma)
*School-Live! (whole anime, up to manga volume 7; Yuuri, Touko, Yuki, Megumi; Yuuri/Kurumi, Kurumi+Touko)
*Seraph of the End (up to manga volume 12, seen all the anime, read the Guren light novels up to volume 6; Shinoa, Mikaela; Yuichiro/Mikaela, Shinoa/Mitsuba)
*Shin Sekai Yori (all anime, should read translation of the original novel eventually; Saki, Tomiko, Maria, Satoru; Saki/Maria, Saki/Shun/Satoru)
*Shinshi Doumei Cross (whole manga, something of a guilty pleasure; Ushio, Maora, Komaki; Ushio/Haine, Maora/Maguri)
*Swan (up to vol 15, a.k.a. everything that CMX published in English before dying; Masumi, Sayoko, Lilliana, Kaoru, Lucien; Masumi/Sayoko, Masumi+Lilliana)


Characters: Adrian, Mimi, Athena, Edgeworth, Rhoda.
Ships: Franziska/Adrian, Ron/Desirée, Lana/Mia, Athena+Juniper, Juniper+Robin+Hugh, Gumshoe/Maggey, Gumshoe+Kay, Aura->Metis.
Notes: Played and beaten the first five main games and Investigations, currently on Case 3 of Spirit of Justice. Also read the first three volumes of the manga series, which I didn't really like. As for Layton vs Wright, I'm only on Layton's part of the first chapter.

Characters: Genocider, Touko, Chihiro, Sakura, Sayaka, Kyouko; Chiaki, Nagito, Mikan, Sonia, Mahiru; Kotoko; Chisa, Juuzou, Seiko, Ryouta, Kyousuke.
Ships: Aoi/Sakura, Mondo/Chihiro, Makoto/Sayaka (hey, I have a soft spot for it), Byakuya/Celes; Hajime/Nagito/Chiaki, Hiyoko/Mahiru, Fuyuhiko/Peko, Gundham/Sonia, Chiaki+Mikan; Juuzou/Kyousuke/Chisa, Chisa+all her students, Mahiru/Satou, Imposter+Mikan, Imposter/Ryouta.
Notes: Beaten both main games, still on the first chapter of Another Episode because there's big hard gaps between savepoints and I suck at third-person shooters, watched DR3 as it aired on Funi UK, can't wait for NDRV3 to come out in the west. Like a lot of people, I got into this series through LP threads on Something Awful and Tumblr.

Characters: Midori, Keisuke, Haru.
Ships: Keisuke/Midori.
Notes: Currently on Day 6 of my first playthrough, contemplating how best to go about the battle against Belial.

Characters: Hinako.
Ships: Airi+Jungo. I'm also a little interested in MC/Io and MC/Yamato, and the anime at least has made me like the idea of MC/Anguished One.
Notes: Currently on Tuesday, just after having saved both Daichi and Jungo. I'm not looking forward to taking on Ronaldo, which is what I need to do next. I've also seen the anime adaptation in its entirety.

Characters: Lucius.
Ships: Raven/Lucius, Eliwood/Ninian, Matthew/Leila, Lyn/Florina, Legault/Heath, Rath/Lyn.
Notes: Currently on chapter 20; I got up to chapter 27 on a previous playthrough, but my party was so poorly leveled that I was basically forced to restart.
Like many FE fans, I'm neurotic about keeping all my characters alive; in my case, this leads to me taking forever to beat a chapter because I constantly triple-check my strategy and decisions, so my progress through most FE games is horribly slow.

Characters: Tana, Neimi.
Ships: Amelia/Neimi, Artur/Lute.
Notes: Currently on chapter 13 of Eirika's route.

Characters: Cordelia, Cherche, Lissa, Sumia, Noire, Emmeryn, Miriel, Stahl, Virion.
Ships: Virion/female!Robin (not in a self-insert sense; I genuinely think they have good chemistry together), Severa/Noire, Sully/Stahl, Lucina/Laurent, Kellam/Cordelia, Virion/Cherche, Laurent/Gerome, Chrom/Sumia, Virion/Libra (sorta), Olivia+Inigo being the cutest mother and son, Chrom+Emmeryn+Lissa family unit.
Notes: Currently up to chapter 22. I think I can expect my lists of favourites to grow and change a lot as I go through the game and experiment with the supports! (And funnily enough, I married my girl Robin to Libra on my first playthrough despite loving her supports with Virion. It was a very close thing, but the ship I'd originally planned on at the time ended up winning out. Sorry, Virion.)

Characters: Niles (might be more accurate to say Zero), Beruka, Oboro, Flora.
Ships: Male!Corrin/Niles, Niles/Leo, Niles/Azura, Effie/Elise.
Notes: Currently on chapter 18 in Conquest. Similar to Awakening, my lists of favourites are very much subject to change as I progress through the game and check out more supports.
As I spoiled myself a great deal before the Western release, my views of the characters and their relationships tend to be skewed towards how they were in the Japanese version, to the point where it sometimes feels wrong for me to be using their localised names. >>;

Characters: Zato, Millia, Venom, Dizzy.
Ships: Testament/Dizzy, Venom->Zato->Millia, Zappa/Millia.
Notes: Played X2 and the original, read translations for the Japanese GGX's story mode, not interested in Overture.

Characters: Yayoi, Honoka, Mika, Nami.
Ships: Honoka/Arthur, Mika/Shinji, Yayoi/Rui, Hibiki/Ryo, Nami->Mako, Takano/Aoi, Yayoi->Arthur.
Notes: Completed first playthrough with the good ending. Another obscure thing that I wish would get more love; it's just a crying shame that the lousy translation job puts most people off. ;.;

Characters: Mikoto, Senri, Heishi, Sakuya, Itsuki... I basically like everyone.
Ships: Koharu/Senri, Sakuya/Mikoto.
Notes: Completely finished three routes (Sakuya, Itsuki, Heishi) and have cleared Senri's and Masamune's happy ends; currently set to replay Senri's route for his bad ending before going after anyone else. Haven't seen the anime yet.

Characters: Ioshua, Millie, Erys... most of the cast, actually.
Ships: Cyuss/Phia, Roddick/Millie, Millie->Mavelle, T'nique->Roddick, Ashlay+Ioshua+Erys (with Ashlay as a sort of surrogate "father"), Ronyx/Ilia.
Notes: Beaten twice, with a third playthrough on the go though technically it's playthrough 2.5 because it just involves me keeping Mavelle instead of getting Erys and a fourth one being considered. I'm not sure what it is about this game that made me so bloody attached to it, but I think it's depressingly overlooked/underappreciated all the same.

Characters: Rena, Dias, Celine, Chisato.
Ships: Dias+Rena, others still pending.
Notes: Close to the end of my first Claude game, need to start a Rena playthrough. As the chosen subtitle might imply, I came in through the PSP port/remake rather than the original.

Characters: Albel, Maria, Nel, Cliff, Clair.
Ships: Nel/Clair, Maria/Albel (one of the few crack pairings I still like).
Notes: Beaten twice, may still consider a third playthrough. This is the first Star Ocean game I played; I still have a big soft spot for it, and I don't think it deserves nearly as much hate as it gets from the wider SO fandom.

Characters: Sarah, Welch, Meracle.
Ships: Meracle/Sarah (lol...), Meracle+Klaus, Meracle+Lymle, Edge/Faize (very casually).
Notes: Currently on Aios for the second time, grinding for a certain horrendous enemy spam attack.

Characters: Presea, Zelos, Colette, Raine, Emil.
Ships: None really, aside from a slight interest in Zelos/Colette.
Notes: Beat the game once and keep meaning to start another playthrough; only at the very beginning of the sequel.

Characters: Estelle, Rita, Yuri, Judith.
Ships: Rita/Estelle, Yuri/Estelle, Yuri/Judith, general party nakama dynamic and Cumore/Yeager, WTF.
Notes: Climbing Mount Temza right now~. (Note to self: Don't forget the sidequest that was given to me in Mantaic.)

Characters: Asuka, Yuuki, Mitsuki, Sora.
Ships: Mitsuki/Nodoka, Kou/Yuuki, Kou/Asuka (though I like their dynamic as friends/comrades best), Kou/Shiori, Asuka/Mitsuki, Shio/Mitsuki, Rion+Shiori, Mai/Fuuka, Asuka+Sora, Mitsuki/Erika to a degree, and I kinda-sorta like the idea of Rion/Yuuki.
Notes: Completed my first playthrough with the True Ending! The characters I forged unbreakable bonds with on my first playthrough were Asuka, Yuuki, Mitsuki, Sora, Jun and Shiori; I definitely plan to do an NG+ run to get all the friendship events I missed before and do all the other extra stuff.
This is the first Falcom game I've ever played, and I absolutely adore it. I wish it had more fans.

VALKYRIE PROFILE (Lenneth, Silmeria, Covenant of the Plume)
Characters: Lenneth, Jelanda; Alicia; Ancel, Mireille, Mischka.
Ships: Arngrim+Jelanda.
Notes: Varying levels of progress made in all three games, though I haven't really gotten that far in any of them.

Characters: Snake, Clover, Akane, Santa; K, Luna; Diana, Carlos.
Ships: None especially.
Notes: Cleared three endings in 999 (Coffin, Safe, and True); I might eventually get the other three, in which case I'd go for the Submarine ending next. Haven't completely finished VLR, no thanks to a particularly irritating puzzle, but I've just got Phi's ending and its offshoots left to do in that game. As for ZTD, I've achieved the CQD:1, Q:1 and D:1 endings so far and am continuing to hop around with the various fragments.

*Alice mare (cleared true end; Joshua, Chelsy, Letty)
*Baten Kaitos (up to the Celestial Tree on the first disc; Lyude)
*Digital Devil Saga (up to Coordinate 136 in the first game; Argilla, Heat; Jinana/Argilla)
*END ROLL (cleared true end; Kantera, Gardenia, Russell)
*Fantasy Maiden's Odd Hideout (cleared the game in its entirety; Cynthia/Ange/Bernd)
*Final Fantasy IV (going through the Waterway to rescue Cid)
*Final Fantasy VI (up to opera segment; Terra, Celes, Edgar)
*Final Fantasy VII (most of original game; seen Advent Children and own Crisis Core; Vincent, Aerith)
*Final Fantasy IX (most of game; Freya)
*Final Fantasy XII (in Bhujerba, pretty early in the game)
*Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (pulling my hair out over Chapter 11; Soren, Mia, Nephenee; Rhys/Titania, Ike/Soren, Mia/Ilyana)
*Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon (up to Chapter 7; Ogma, Shiida; Julian/Lena, Ogma/Shiida to some degree)
*Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia (at the start of Act 3; Clair, Mae, Leon, Faye, Kliff)
*House in Fata Morgana (in middle of Door 7; Giselle, Michel, Pauline; Giselle/Michel)
*Kindred Spirits on the Roof (finished main story, just have the bonus scenes left to collect and read; Ano, Seina, Sasa; Miyu/Matsuri, Sasa/Umi, Seina/Miki, Aki/Youka)
*Persona 2: Innocent Sin (just got out of Cuss High's air raid shelter)
*Persona 3 (only up to end of April; Mitsuru, Junpei)
*Soul Calibur (played most games in the series, including the original Soul Blade; Siegfried, Sophitia, Ivy, Raphael, Mi-Na)
*Tales of Phantasia (assaulting Dhaos's castle in the past; Klarth, Arche)
*Tales of Eternia (just finished at Undine Stream)
*Tales of the Abyss (currently just about to leave Baticul; Tear)


If you have any questions about my fandoms -- further details, reasons for liking what I like, my opinion on characters and ships I haven't mentioned, or anything else -- feel free to ask nicely!

Date: 2017-07-24 09:42 pm (UTC)
sarajayechan: Such a cute little brat (Delthea)
From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
On the subject of Echoes, I'm interested in your thoughts on the following: Alm and Celica, Faye as a character, the gameplay, and who's been the most frustrating boss so far?

Date: 2017-08-12 10:37 pm (UTC)
sarajayechan: art ♥ pixiv (Faye/Silque)
From: [personal profile] sarajayechan
I love Alm, but I lean more towards female protagonists myself, so Celica pinged me more, too. And Alm definitely came off as a bit too melodramatic during the prologue; I totally get not wanting Celica to leave and that they formed a strong bond, but a simple "we'll meet again, I promise!" would have done.

As a unit, I find Alm a bit easier to use due to his better defense, but Celica is good at oneshotting things and learns to heal.

I ended up liking Faye a lot more than I anticipated, and I appreciate her having supports with Silque that show her coming out of her Alm-shell. I ship that along with Faye/Kliff and I'm content to ignore her ending.

(And yeah, if you recruit her with Celica she's actually super thrilled to see her again. If she were a legit yandere she'd want Celica dead. Tharja was a yandere, but Faye doesn't fit the profile one bit. She's more like Peri in that "I wanna make the enemy go sploosh!" way.)

I can't stand the hit rates, especially when it comes to my archers. Python was completely worthless till he hit his 2nd tier class. D:

I LOVE that the whole game is voiced, too. It gives such life to the characters and story, and I like the voice actors they picked, too. Leon and Mae are fucking flawless.

The village makes me think of Ace Attorney, with the talk options. And the dungeon explorations have improved a lot from the original Gaiden, letting you pick things up. I also like that you can heal with items now.

Valbar was my brick wall until we got assaulted by mages. Then I had to keep him in back lest my heart break at Leon's mourning quote. (I play casual, but even so, the quotes still make me feel bad if someone gets KOd)
Edited Date: 2017-08-14 11:52 pm (UTC)


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